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Meet Abbi

What is freelance writing?

Your Write On Assignment:

What do you want to write for money? Think of your skills and interests. What’s something people will pay you money to write for them?

No professional experience? No problem

Your Write On Assignment:

Make a list of any writing-related tasks you’ve ever taken on at previous jobs, including volunteer work and other experiences experience from your personal life. EVERYTHING COUNTS. Did you ever take notes at team meetings? Did you ever write an article for the PTA newsletter? Did you ever write an annual update to your extended family? ALL OF THAT MATTERS. Write it all down.

Making time for your writing business

Your Write On Assignment:

To make this freelance writing thing work, you have to find 7-10 hours within your workweek to dedicate to your writing business. How will you do this? By tracking your time. Spend a full week tracking your time to see where you’re choosing to spend your time.

How to find writing clients

Your Write On Assignment:

In this video, I introduce you to the WRITE Method for finding clients. Now it’s time to start finding clients by establishing what do you want to write, and who it’s for. When you imagine yourself writing, what are you writing? When you imagine yourself talking to a client, who are you having that conversation with?

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