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Get the training, resources, and community you need to build a truly profitable writing business

Running a successful business is  hard. 

Hey, I’m Abbi!

I’m a copywriter with 20+ years of experience working with some of the biggest brands in the world. 

I’ve built up a network of friends who are experts in their fields. When you’re starting out I know you can’t afford to pay for all the coaches. Believe me, I’ve been there. 

Inside The Circle, we bring in the top experts so you can learn how to build a solid business from the very best. 

Let me teach you how to build a truly profitable business — one that you’re confident will smash your income target every single month.

You see other people start businesses that fly.
What do they know that you don’t?

Do you feel like you’re

  Wasting so much time on low-paying jobs you don’t have time to figure out how to grow your income?

  Riding the rollercoaster of feast or famine, earning great money one month, but wondering where all the clients went the next?

  Spending too much money on courses – or wishing you had the money to buy that one course that would help you build a profitable business?

  Doing everything in isolation with no one to bounce ideas off, share your challenges, or even celebrate your successes?

Crush your income targets month after month.

Imagine if you could

  Create a plan that really works for your life and drives you towards the successful business you want

  Build solid systems for goal-setting, onboarding, communicating, and delivering so you can STOP reinventing the wheel and START to move forward

  Cherry-pick jobs you really want rather than getting bogged down in low-paid work because you’re not sure if anything better will come your way

  Have the confidence to know you’re part of a community of women who think like you and have your back

But where do you start, when you don’t even know what you need?

Introducing… Successful Freelance Circle

Successful Freelance Circle is a membership club for driven women business owners. We’ll help you break free from feast and famine, grow the confidence you need to get the jobs you deserve, and create a business with consistent income, every month.

In Successful Freelance Circle, you’ll get the training, resources, and community you need to create rock-solid business systems, a business plan that drives you forward, and all the building blocks of a truly profitable business.

I'm so grateful for you Abbi! Having this knowledge support my big goals has been just what I needed to take action.

Raelyn Armien

I'm ecstatic to have access to this amazing program! I'm so ready to soak up all the expertise and actively participate!

Jill Mokaya

When you join you get access to:

 A private community where you can connect with women like you who are doing the work

 Monthly guest expert training on ALL the things you need to build a successful business — from mindset and habits to financial planning and specific strategies for growing your audience on multiple platforms

 Regular behind-the-scenes details from Abbi on what it really takes to grow a multi-six-figure business

 On-demand access to all previous training for your binge-watching pleasure

“Sometimes I feel so completely alone.”

Building and growing a business can be lonely work.

It’s frustrating when you have no one to talk to.

It’s hard when no one around you gets what you’re doing.

It’s exhausting when the people around you think you should go back to the office, “get a real job,” and stop dreaming.

They're wrong.

In Successful Freelance Circle you’ll learn:

How to create a business plan that’s a perfect fit for your goals and responsibilities and grows the business you dream about​

Strategies to turn your mindset into your secret weapon, stop comparing yourself to others, and grow your self-confidence through action

How to streamline your systems so you spend less time on admin and more time on work that makes you money

Processes for selling your services in a way that feels good to you

Specific strategies for writing profitable content, including case studies, white papers, Facebook ads, product descriptions, and so much more…

Plus a strategy for creating and crushing your business goals through planning, accountability, and #writeonwin community celebrations!

You need to be inside The Circle.

   Building a profitable business is hard. There are so many things to learn and never enough time or money to learn them.

   You need firm foundations of knowledge, systems, and self-confidence if you’re ever going to make consistent money.

   If you’re spinning your wheels trying to build a profitable business on your own – or trying to figure it out from the conflicting advice on the Internet – chances are you’re going to burn out pretty fast.

 You can’t keep on accepting the low-paid jobs that leave you with no time or energy to go after the clients you really need.

 Pretty soon you’ll start to resent the work because you know you’re worth more but you don’t have the confidence or the experience to ask for it.

  It’s so frustrating when you see other people pushing to the next level when you know you can do just as well as they can (or maybe even better).

 At some point, you start to wonder if it’s worth all the hassle, earning peanuts for clients who don’t appreciate you.

(And maybe you'll worry that you’re not earning the big bucks because you just aren’t good enough.)


I love how relatable you are, Abbi!! I know you hear this often, but you truly know what I am thinking…. It's crazy good.

Amanda Koplin

I'm just excited to eat up all this info! I'm so happy I found what I was missing. I'm making more moves toward being able to leave my job in the last few weeks than I have in the last two years.

Johanna Sanchez

Purchasing this course was the best investment in myself I have ever made! I am learning so much! THANK YOU!

Marta Rees

For just $49/month you get:

Monthly LIVE interactive training from writing and business experts – all the things you need to know to grow your business, from mindset and processes to specific writing techniques.

Monthly finance-focused sessions from Abbi – learn what it really takes to grow a multi-six-figure business.

Monthly networking session on Zoom – connect with fellow writers who understand exactly where you’re at, support you when you need it, and share your wins.

A membership portal – packed full of training so you can continue your learning and build a strong foundation for your business.

A private community – ask your questions and get support 24/7.

Successful Freelance Circle is perfect for you, if you:

   Can’t get out of the starting gate. You have no clue how to pull in the income your family can depend on

   Earn pretty well but know getting to the next level will take proper business planning and you don’t have a clue where to start

   Spend too much money and time on shiny new courses, searching for the right expert to help you build your business – which means you’re always at the beginning rather than making real progress

Stop wasting time trying to piece together systems to create a profitable business on your own. Join Successful Freelance Circle and get all the support, expert training, and confidence you need to earn consistent money month after month.

You can’t build a profitable business without investing in yourself.