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The truth is that there’s a lot of BAD ADVICE out there about getting started in freelance writing — given out by people who simply don’t have enough experience to be teaching.

Sure, they know what worked for them, or what they read in a book. But they’ve only been in business for a few years (or less!). Or they’ve never actually written for clients — they ONLY make courses for other people. I’ve got one word for that, but I can’t print it here.

Hi. I’m Abbi.

I’ve worked as a professional freelance writer for over 20 years — which means I’ve had time to make every mistake it’s possible to make. And I’ve learned from those mistakes, and created systems designed to help you avoid them completely. 

Stop taking bad advice like “build a website” and “add value in Facebook groups” and start earning money instead.

Change your life. Learn how to be a freelance writer.

Do you crave real freedom?

Did you ever dose your kid up with Tylenol and send him to school with a fever because you had to go into the office?

What would it feel like to be in charge of your own time — and to have the freedom to care for your kids the way you want to?

When my son was born a month premature, he was immediately admitted to the NICU — and he stayed there for nearly two weeks. 

I was able to be by his side the entire time — without compromising my family’s income. I managed to carve out the few hours I needed to focus on client work so that I could get paid. And even when I was working, I was inches away from my baby, able to immediately summon a nurse when needed.

Get the freedom you crave. Give your kids the life you want.