Trouble Accessing Your Course?

It's not you. It's Teachable.

Writing for Money and my other courses are hosted on Teachable, a popular course platform. It's awesome — except when it's not.

Here's how to access your course if you're being redirected to a sales page after you've already purchased the course.

How to log in


When you click to login, you should see what's shown in the second screenshot on the left. AND, here's where you may have another issue. Your instinct is to fill in your email address and log in, right? BUT if that doesn't work, you need to click the Log in with MyTeachable link. Confusing right? I told you it wasn't you.


Still can't access the course?


  • Please be patient. Sending multiple emails won't help.
  • Bear in mind that we are a small team, and we are not online constantly.
  • We will take care of you as quickly as we can, but we're human.
  • Thanks for your patience!