What's the secret to earning more as a freelancer?

You see posts all the time from women who are making $2000, $4000, and even $10,000 a month with their businesses. Meanwhile, you're over here trying to build a website, post consistently on IG, and figure out where all the clients are hiding.

What do they know that you don’t?

In this free course, you'll learn:

  • How to specialize in writing so that you can charge more money for your work.
  • The ONE THING business owners want — and how that helps you book more clients.
  • Which skills actually matter — and what clients don’t care about AT ALL
  • What, exactly, you need to do to start earning money quickly — and what’s a waste of time

The truth is that there’s a lot of BAD ADVICE out there about getting started in freelance writing — given out by people who simply don’t have enough experience to be teaching.

Sure, they know what worked for them, or what they read in a book. But they’ve only been in business for a few years (or less!). Or they’ve never actually written for clients — they ONLY make courses for other people. I’ve got one word for that, but I can’t print it here.

Hi. I’m Abbi.

I’ve worked as a freelance writer for almost 25 years. When I first started out, everything I read was written by men who seemed to assume that someone else would cook, do laundry, and carry the mental load for them, and none of what they taught made sense for me and my life. So I created systems that actually worked for me.

With freelance writing, you can take control of your 💥 life, your 💰 income, your ⌛️ time, and 🥳 everything else.

Will you make millions? I mean, sure, it's possible, but I don't. Every year, I DO make over $100,000 from writing for clients. And I’ve taught hundreds of women how to do the same thing. 

Now it's your turn. 



The hard truth is that you can’t hit your big income goals if you don't specialize.

Managing someone's inbox isn't going to get you to 6 figures. Neither are $50 blog posts. But there are some specialized writing services that can't be done by AI and that clients are ABSOLUTELY willing to pay for.

If you want to get paid really well to write for clients,  and you'd love someone to show you, step by step, what you need to do and how to do it, then stick around.

My free course is delivered by email for easy reading. You'll learn how YOU can get paid to write, work as a freelance writer, and have the time freedom you really want.

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