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💰 Money Making Mindset 💰

What's REALLY holding you back from making the money you want from freelance writing? How could your business grow if you felt completely confident in your pricing? When will you stop sabotaging yourself with low pricing?

Get the expert strategies for changing your thinking and your beliefs about money and pricing, and learn what your pricing tells potential clients about the value you deliver.

This training has ONLY been available to the Anti-Mastermind before today.

🥂 Champaign Clients 🥂

Tired of pitching clients who can't afford you? Wondering how you can figure out which clients have money BEFORE you send a pitch? Worried that you've picked the “wrong” niche?

Discover the secret to finding the clients who WANT to pay you money, and understand what you need to know in order to connect deeply with clients.

This training has ONLY been available to the Anti-Mastermind before today.

Profitable Pitching Plus a Portfolio Bonus

Would life be easier if you knew HOW to pitch clients based on what you see on their website or social media?

Grab the charts, scripts, and guides you need to land more clients, along with plug-n-play pitch scripts proven to help get clients in the door (my team uses these ON THE REGULAR).

Plus, we've included step-by-step instructions for building a complete portfolio in Canva OR right inside of Google Docs AND follow-up emails to get responses from potential clients who can't wait to hire you

Thinking Like a CEO

Are you ready to take charge of your business? Do you want to step into your next level and explore what's really possible? Want to invest in your CEO self and scale — even when life is crazy and the world feels completely unpredictable?

Learn what REALLY sets apart successful writers and business owners from the rest, and get ready to finally experience the freedom that made you start this business in the first place.

This training has ONLY been available to the Anti-Mastermind before today.

Business Foundations (Successful Freelance Start)

Stop wasting time wading through ALL the info on the Interwebs.

Learn SMART strategies to get jobs and earn money that WORK for new writers, and create professional systems that give you the confidence to delight your clients.

Discover the most effective way to connect with clients and get work, with step-by-step instructions, and access a toolkit full of smart strategies that work, even if you're new and you don’t have samples, reviews, or contacts.


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Any Questions?

Wait, what is this?

This is your dream come true. You can get your hands on some truly fabulous training for just $27 right now.

What’s the catch?

No catch. This is the third year in a row that I've offered this $27 sale, where I give you a chance to grab real lessons, courses, and trainings I've run in various places in the past. This time, I've even included material that was previously ONLY available within the Anti-Mastermind. Which means that you have an opportunity to grab INCREDIBLE material, learn from it, and make money in YOUR business.

What about refunds?

Nope. No refunds. You get instant access after purchasing, and the information is yours to keep. There are no refunds.

I want the Bundle, but what if I already have one or two of the courses inside it?

Great! That means you’ve had access to some really great training for some time. The bundle costs $97, which is a HUGELY discounted price for all of this goodness. There are no additional discounts, and there are no refunds.