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There’s a lot of BAD ADVICE on the interwebs about getting started in freelance writing — given out by people who simply don’t have enough experience to be teaching.

Sure, they know what worked for them, or what they read in a book. But they’ve only been in business for a few years (or less!). Or they’ve never actually written for clients — they ONLY make courses for other people. There's a word for that, but I can’t print it here.

Hi. I’m Abbi. Apparently, I'm controversial. 

Life is short, and there’s a lot to accomplish.

What's most important to me is sharing information with women like you so that YOU can take control of your 💥 life, your 💰 income, your ⌛️ time, and 🥳 everything else. So I tell it like it is.

Also, I still make A LOT of my money (like, over $100k in 2022) from writing email for clients.

And I’ve taught hundreds of students how to do the same thing.

With the skills these women have learned, with the MONEY these women have earned, they’ve been able to:

💥 Leave toxic jobs behind.
🤗 Be present for emotionally unstable kids.
🫶🏾 Work around therapy schedules for kids with special needs.
🙌🏼 Pay for therapies that insurance won’t cover.
💪🏻E scape abusive marriages.
🥳 Say yes to vacations, tutors, clubs, lessons, mortgages, and more.

If the price for that is that some people hate me/my programs, I’ll take it.

If you want to start earning money as a freelance writer, stick around.

Change your life. Learn how to be a freelance writer.