Write an AWESOME email sequence

and sell more stuff!

This free 5-day email course has everything you need to get started!

Automate your sales and earn more money.

Write emails that get you sales!

If you don’t have an awesome email sequence in place, your online business is losing money every day — even if you offer a service and not a product.

Automated email sequences are an absolute requirement for all online business owners. And if yours isn’t bringing in sales, it’s not working for you.

In this free 5-day email course, you’ll learn the steps you need to follow to create YOUR amazing email sequence — and start getting sales right away.

You’ll also get a 12-page workbook to fill out to make writing your sequence super easy — and really fast.

You’ll learn:

  • exactly how much information to give away in your email sequence
  • what you have to do if you don’t want to spend weeks deleting and rewriting emails
  • how to organize all your information the right way
  • WHY your current sequence doesn’t cut it, and what you need to do differently

This course is perfect for you if:


 You have an online business but you don’t have an email sequence.

 You have an email sequence, but it doesn’t make you money.

 No one ever replies to your emails.

 You can’t figure out what to put in your email sequence.

 You want to create an email sequence that delivers real value and makes you money.

Book your course clarity call today!Hi! I’m Abbi, and I’m a bit obsessed with writing email sequences. I put together this free course to show you how YOU can write an AWESOME sequence for your business to sell more of your stuff AND engage with your audience.

A great sequence is about getting your people to reply and say, “Wow, that’s freaky. Are you in my head right now?” And, of course, a great sequence is also about getting sales.

If you’re serious about your online business, you need an email sequence. And your email sequence needs to ROCK it for you. This free course can show you how to do that. Plus, it’s free, so you really have nothing to lose.

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